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  • Lettie Precious’ blog | Write to Play year 5

    You’re in! I remember a persistent buzzing rousing me from deep slumber. It was my phone. I didn’t need to check the caller ID, I already knew whomever was calling would change the course of my life that very moment. I could feel the desperate pound of my heart in my very toes when Chloe’s […]

  • Meet the Ensemble 2018 artists!

      Terri Donovan My name’s Terri Donovan. I’m an actor, writer and general cat lover from Manchester. I first found out about Graeae when the director of The Solid Life of Sugar Water came and spoke at my local theatre. I loved the talk and then saw the show (holy-fizzballs). I have wanted to work […]

  • Graeae’s Midwich Cuckoos cast blog

      Annabel Pattison  It was my first time auditioning for a part and being in a recording studio. The whole experience was totally new to me as I’ve never done anything like this before except performing ballet on stage at Blackpool Opera House and dances theatres. Before recording at Granada Studios, I went through the […]