We get it it. Writing for stage means writing for an audience. Read on to find out how we can help you find one.

Seed commissions
A seed commission is a small amount of money we ‘plant’ with a writer to start a project. We grant two to three of these a year. How writers use these varies, but it might mean securing time off work to write or a room to hold a reading. We kick back and watch your idea grow. Like a plant– get it?

‘Workshopping’ a play means working on an early draft with actors and a director. We offer workshop time as part of our filmed rehearsed readings and Crips with Chips showcase.

Rehearsed readings
A rehearsed reading is a script-in-hand performance of a new play, generally done in front of a small audience. We’ve partnered with The Playwright’s Laboratory to film rehearsed readings of two new plays.

Crips with Chips
Every year, we partner with a different theatre in the UK to host a showcase of short plays by Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent writers, written to a stimulus like ‘TV boxsets’, ‘mistaken identity’, or ‘a fork in the road’. Each short play receives a day’s workshop and a script-in-hand performance before an audience.

Commissioned plays
This is the big one. Every year, we aim to partner with at least one new writing venue or company to co-commission a Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent playwright to write an all-new, full-length play. We work with those partners to find a playwright that fits them.

Note: a full-length play is around ninety minutes in length.