Using the law to challenge discrimination

A downloadable guide by Inclusion London

A downloadable guide by Inclusion London, covering the topic of how to use the law to challenge discrimination.


Inclusion London supports over 70 Deaf and Disabled Organisations working across every London borough. Through these organisations, our reach extends to over 70,000 Disabled Londoners.

Inclusion London’s mission is to promote Deaf and Disabled people’s equality and inclusion. We do this by supporting Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations to have a strong and influential collective voice and to deliver empowering and effective services to Deaf and Disabled Londoners.

Our vision is an inclusive London, free of disabling barriers, where diversity and human rights are valued and where Deaf and Disabled Londoners have dignity, independence and equality of opportunity.

All our work is based on the Social Model of Disability and the Cultural Model of Deafness.

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