One Under

By Winsome Pinnock
Directed by Amit Sharma

A Graeae & Theatre Royal Plymouth Production.
Commissioned by Ramps on the Moon, presented in association with Curve.

Sonny and Christine want to escape. They have a night to remember but underneath the surface things aren’t what they seem. Cyrus is frantically trying to piece together the truth about that night. Unexpectedly a tragedy is about to unite them all…

An evocative thriller of intertwining stories, One Under explores the unanswered questions left behind when someone vanishes from our lives.

A brand new version of the 2005 play by award-winning writer Winsome Pinnock and directed by Amit Sharma (The Solid Life of Sugar Water, Cosmic Scallies), this powerful story explores human relationships and sparks pertinent, timely conversations on mental health and well-being.

Graeae is a world renowned innovator in theatre and its productions place creative access at their heart. This play will feature a creative use of captioning and will have audio description on offer at every performance (ask the Box Office for details).

Content & Trigger Warnings

One Under deals with issues and topics which some audience members may find challenging, including depression, paranoia and suicide. Suitable for ages 16+.

One Under workshops

What Connects Us? is a unique creative workshop programme linked to the tour One Under. Through workshops, participants will use theatre conventions to explore social issues towards greater acceptance of the differences between people.

Please download further information here and register your interest by emailing Mette Tofte Philipsen on

One Under Ambassadors

Would you like to be involved as a volunteer on the marketing of One Under across the country? If so, please click here for more information.

One Under press release


One Under Education programme

Get involved in our Creative Learning Programme. Download the information here.


Image gallery

  • The One Under company
  • Stanley J Browne, One Under rehearsals
  • Shenagh Govan, One Under rehearsals
  • Stanley J Browne, One Under rehearsals
  • Shenagh Govan & Evlyne Oyedokun, One Under rehearsals
  • Reece Pantry & Clare-Louise English, One Under rehearsals
  • One Under rehearsals
  • Evlyne Oyedokun, One Under rehearsals
  • Clare-Louise English, One Under rehearsals
  • Stanley J Browne & Shenagh Govan, One Under rehearsals
  • Clare-Louise English & Reece Pantry, One Under rehearsals

Image gallery

  • Cyrus
    Stanley J Browne
  • Sonny
    Reece Pantry
  • Nella
    Shenagh Govan
  • Christine
    Clare-Louise English
  • Zoe
    Evlyne Oyedokun
  • Writer — Winsome Pinnock
  • Director — Amit Sharma
  • Designer — Amelia Jane Hankin
  • Lighting Designer — Tanya Stephenson
  • Sound Designer/Composer — Beth Duke
  • Movement Director — Angela Gasparetto
  • Assistant Director — Stephen Bailey
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    One Under

    National Tour autumn 2019

    An evocative play about the power of guilt and the quest for atonement from, award-winning playwright Winsome Pinnock. All performances will creatively integrate captioning and audio description.

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