Graeae’s Midwich Cuckoos

Breaking new ground in audio and Sign Language, Graeae’s Midwich Cuckoos was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 over new year 2017/18, performed by an inclusive cast of D/deaf, disabled and non-disabled actors including Hermon Berhane, Tyrone Huggins, Cherylee Houston and Alexandra Mathie. 

Jenny Sealey and Polly Thomas co-direct this new version, dramatised from John Wyndham’s 1950s sci-fi classic by award-winning writer Roy Williams.

Accompanying the broadcast on 31 December & 7 January, a silent, signed and text interpretation of the audio drama was available to watch on the Graeae/BBC Radio 4 websites, telling the story from the perspective of one of the drama’s characters. This film can be watched at the link below.

Graeae are a force for change in world-class theatre, challenging preconceptions, creatively integrating access and boldly placing D/deaf and disabled artists centre-stage.

Naked Productions Limited is an audio production company, delivering amazing sonic experience and high quality audio, ranging from award winning linear audio programmes to technically complex interactive and immersive audio stories.

Silent, signed video version for D/deaf viewers:

If your browser doesn’t show the video link below, please click here to view the silent, signed video which accompanied the broadcasts at 3pm on 31 December and 7 January.

The script is also available to download on the right hand side of this page (desktop users) or below (smart phone users).

Episode 1: listen here. Originally broadcast at 3pm on 31 Dec 17
Episode 2: listen here. Originally broadcast at 3pm on 7 Jan 18

Read what listeners said about the broadcast on twitter by clicking here.

Watch the making of Midwich Cuckoos here

This documentary goes behind the scenes to show us how the recording of Midwich Cuckoos was put together.

Script - Episode 1

The script for episode 1


Script - Episode 2

The script for episode 2

  • Zellerby
    Tyrone Huggins
  • Janet/Charge Nurse
    Alexandra Mathie
  • Molly/Anthea
    Cherlyee Houston
  • Michaela (aged 12)
    Annabel Pattison
  • Michaela (aged 18)
    Hermon Berhane
  • Boy Cuckoo (aged 12)
    Jermaine Anderson
  • Girl Cuckoo (aged 12)
    Cassie Campbell
  • Boy Cuckoo (aged 18)
    Adam Ali
  • Girl Cuckoo (aged 18)
    Terri Donovan
  • Doctor/Carl
    Graeme Hawley
  • Neil
    Reuben Johnson
Performance schedule
  • Sunday 31 December 2017 - Sunday 7 January 2018
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    Graeae’s Midwich Cuckoo’s

    Jenny Sealey and Polly Thomas co-direct Graeae’s Midwich Cuckoos, dramatised from John Wyndham’s 1950s sci-fi classic by award-winning writer Roy Williams.

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