Bartholomew Abominations

A Naked Production and Graeae Theatre collaboration for BBC Radio 4.
Written by Paul Sirett. Directed by Polly Thomas and Jenny Sealey.

Listen here on BBC Sounds.

Originally broadcast on Saturday 7 November 2020.

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Following the tradition of radically reinventing classic literature and drama for 21st century audiences, Graeae and Naked Productions present Bartholomew Abominations by Paul Sirett. A cutting edge new version of Jonson’s famous drama, brought to vibrant modern life in a comic and biting political commentary about modern British identity.

Paul Sirett’s bold new version reflects on the narrow-minded disability discrimination and English nationalism of the early 21st century. Building on growing jingoism and changing views of citizenship, identity and belonging, Sirett has set the story in 2032, at an annual event, where suitors must find the “perfect” partner or face deportation.

Recorded remotely, Bartholomew Abominations has an exceptional cast of disabled and non-disabled actors, including Liz Carr (Silent Witness), Stephen Collins (Reasons to Be Cheerful), Garry Robson (Fittings MultiMedia Arts) and Mina Anwar (Life of Pi).

Image gallery

  • Bartholomew Abominations

Image gallery

  • Mrs Purecraft
    Liz Carr
  • John
    Jack Hunter
  • Ursula
    Chloe Ewart
  • Alice
    Stacey Ghent
  • Tom
    Stephen Collins
  • Ned
    Michael Golab
  • Best
    Garry Robson
  • Hobbs
    Mina Anwar
  • Directors — Jenny Sealey and Polly Thomas
  • Writer — Paul Sirett
  • Executive Producer — Jeremy Mortimer
  • Original Music — Oliver Vibrans
  • Sound Recordist — Louis Blatherwick
  • Sound Design and Producer — Eloise Whitmore
Performance schedule
  • Saturday 7 November 2020
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    Bartholomew Abominations

    Graeae and Naked Productions present Bartholomew Abominations. A radical reworking of Jonson’s classic satire, set in a dystopian future, by Paul Sirett. Recorded remotely by a cast of disabled and non-disabled actors, including Liz Carr, Stephen Collins, Garry Robson and Mina Anwar.

    Broadcast on Saturday 7 November on BBC Radio 4.