A Graeae and Naked Productions co-production for BBC Radio 4
Adapted and directed by Polly Thomas and Jenny Sealey

Following acclaimed new interpretations of Little Dorrit and The Midwich Cuckoos, Graeae and Naked Productions join forces once again to present a radical reworking of Anton Chekhov’s classic Three Sisters for BBC Radio 4, written and directed by Jenny Sealey and Polly Thomas.

On an isolated farm in 21st century Yorkshire, three sisters – Olivia, Maisie and Iris – struggle to survive on a financially draining farm, with intermittent internet, and a pervading sense of dislocation from the real world.

With the titular three sisters played by three Deaf actors – Genevieve Barr, Lara Steward and Alexandra James – Three Sisters Rewired breaks new ground as it reimagines the story through the prism of deafness.

In this complete overhaul of the Russian original, Three Sisters Rewired explores how, even in the modern world, isolation and stagnation are a prevailing issue for many people still. This is Chekhov as he has never been done before.

The episodes were broadcast on on Saturday 14 and Sunday 21 December 2019 on BBC Radio 4