A Royal Exchange Theatre and Graeae Theatre Company co-production.
By Jackie Hagan. Directed by Amit Sharma.

A witty and touching new play about class, friendship and absence, set in the forgotten town of Skelmersdale by award-winning spoken word artist Jackie Hagan.

We’re cosmic scallies, we dance on the off-beat, we’re wonky shopping trollies, we’re forgotten and trod on, we’re gravy stained and piss sodden, we’re the breath between coughing fits.”

Shaun and Dent grew up best friends on the same council estate in Skem. Dent left, full of ambition, but 10 years later she’s back. Can Shaun convince her Skem is an inheritance better than any house?

All performances include creative captioning and audio description.

Graeae and The Royal Exchange Theatre are supported by Arts Council England.