Disability Arts Online & Graeae present The Disability And…Podcast

Disability Arts Online, the leading publication for disability arts is joining forces with Graeae to deliver the Disability And…Podcast over the next 12 months.

The Disability And…Podcast promises to get right to the heart of some of the most pressing issues in arts, culture and beyond with a series of bold, provocative and insightful interviews with disabled artists, key industry figures and the odd legend.

For episode 6, Disability Arts Online’s Editor, Colin Hambrook, chats with musician and grassroots activist, Dennis Queen on Disability and…Activism. Dennis is a veteran of the Disability Rights Movement and has long been involved with Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC), Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) and Not Dead Yet. Dennis speaks to Colin about past campaigns and the recent controversy around an inaccessible monument installed in Manchester to commemorate the Peterloo Massacre.

Dennis Queen

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Transcript: Episode 6. Disability and Activism: Dennis Queen and Colin Hambrook