On this page you will find further information on the content warnings, support organisations and access resources.

About the show: 

Age guidance: 14+

The show is an hour long.

It is a relaxed show. You can leave and return to your seat at any point.

There is a collective audience participation moment. You do not have to participate.

If Jenny hands you a bag of flour to hold, you can refuse. She will understand.

Jenny will sometimes swear.

During the show there will be subtle lighting changes, projections on a screen, recorded music and gentle sound effects.


Content Warnings:

This show contains references to being deaf in a hearing world, sexual abuse, trying to be fixed, adoption, death and bereavement.

The play touches on references to different types of abuse, such as the abuse of power, ableism, victim-blaming, and physical and mental abuse.  These abuses are not directly referenced in the play and although these are real events, Jenny is telling the story in her own words in an honest and reflective way.

If you would like to discuss the content information before the show, there will be a member of Graeae staff available front of house at the Access Area or email info@graeae.org

You can also find more information on the themes in the show by visiting:


Cruse Bereavement Support


The Good Grief Trust


SHOUT – 85258

The Survivors Trust

Please note flour bags in the show contain real flour. The loose flour is gluten-free.

Please speak to a member of staff at the Access Table if you have any questions.


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