Access is fundamental to Graeae’s work; we provide an inclusive working practice for artists and staff, and an accessible theatrical experience for our audiences.

Use this section for details of Graeae’s access policy, guidelines and services we offer.

You can also download Graeae’s Media Language Guide for advice on language and the social model of disability. Visit our Resources page


Graeae is committed to inclusive working practice for the artists and staff with which we work, and an accessible theatrical experience for our audiences.

We achieve this through collaboration and consultation with disabled artists and staff.  For each project and working situation, we provide bespoke access solutions e.g. confirming wheelchair accessible venues for productions and workshops, coordinating the provision of access support workers and British Sign Language interpreters, or arranging adaptive technology to facilitate the creative process.

Graeae pioneered the ethos of ‘aesthetics of access’ and is committed to continued ways of evolving this artistic practice.

Access is a basic right and requirement, a continually evolving methodology that enhances the theatrical and professional landscape; accessibility enables theatre practitioners and audiences to create, engage with and enjoy our work.

Access Support

Graeae provides practical and creative access guidance including information on:

  • Access support in the creative environment
  • Code of conduct when working with D/deaf or disabled people for the first time
  • Best practice terminology
  • A list of formatted materials for our employees and audience members

For more information email

Access Consultancy

Graeae provides consultation to a wide variety of organisations and individuals on access provision and access-related queries.  We advise on access in relation to drama workshops and theatrical production, as well as employment-related issues such as Access to Work in the creative industries.

Bradbury Studios

Bradbury Studios proudly stands as the physical articulation of Graeae’s vision to create an accessible workspace.

Take a closer look at our fully accessible building using our virtual tour. Move around by using the arrow keys or clicking and dragging your mouse. Look out for the informational hotspots to view images and to find out more about our facilities.


Useful Links

To find BSL interpreters in your area go to the Association of Sign Language Interpreters.

Information about Access to work can be found at The full details are here.

Information on creating materials (print, electronic) accessible to visually impaired and blind people, from the RNIB website.

Website accessibility checking tool.