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A social change platform for original Protest Songs, created by people across the UK. In association with the Reasons to be Cheerful 2017 UK Tour. Find out more about this campaign by clicking here.

‘What matters is that the ‘song’ is yours and it expresses how you feel about something that matters to you. If it matters to you, chances are it will matter to others too.’
John Kelly (Reasons to be Cheerful cast member)

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Featured Song

It Starts With Us by Sing For A Change with Kris Halpin and Sarah Fisher, London

Change by Mencap Liverpool with Kris Halpin, Liverpool

Music Brings Us Together by Young Dada with Kris Halpin, Liverpool

Liars Reign by Sam Castell-Ward, London

No Problem by Raymond Lesley, Derbyshire

Love Is Love by Plus One, Derby

No Fear by One Community Choir with Kris Halpin and Sarah Fisher, Southampton

It’s OK To Be Different by Combination Groups from No Limits with Kris Halpin and Sarah Fisher, Southampton

We Want The World by The Enterprise Club with Kris Halpin, Coventry

Hear Our Voice by Arts Gym with Kris Halpin and Sarah Fisher, Coventry

Pay Day by The Beat Band, London

The Revolution Didn’t Happen. Yet by Talus Bones, London

Song for the Ages by Paul Monks, North Warwickshire

You Can’t Kill The Spirit by Paddy Ladd, Jade Anouka, Suzie Hance & Chris Bartholomew, Bristol

This Wheel Is Broken by Katherine Fear, Warwickshire

My Conservation Song by Vivien Richardson and Friends, Leicestershire

Not so Great Britain by Kylie Barton, Southampton

Without Us by Sonic Vistas, Hertfordshire

England, You Are A Sinking Ship by Kris Halpin, West Midlands

Government Cold by Frederick Fred, London

Battle of Whitehall by Rockinpaddy, London

Which Side Are You On by Rockinpaddy, London

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