This Is Not For You Education Programme

With the centenary of WW1 making its mark across the world and especially in the UK, Graeae’s Training and Learning department developed an education programme alongside the outdoor performance This Is Not For You. The aim was to uncover the unheard stories of those returning from war disabled, explore how communities adapt and increase awareness of the diversity within WW1. Through creative engagement with puppetry in primary schools and performance poetry in secondary schools, children and students learnt about history, explored the themes and presented their learning in a wider school sharing.

Graeae’s engagement programmes delivered in schools always tie into the national curriculum and with this programme we were able to work the following learning outcomes.

The primary school programme Who We Are
(key stage 2)

 Learning outcomes:

  • British history, significant figures, diversity and change
  • Narratives, storytelling, listening skills and presentation skills
  • Creative thinking and material exploration
  • Critical thinking, social justice, diversity and community cohesion

‘We are used to seeing war in black and white’, you have taught the children about the First World War, way better than we ever could’ – Andrew West year 3 Class Teacher and History Subject Co-ordinator, Billingham South Community Primary School

The secondary school programme The Journey Home
(key stage 3)

 Learning outcomes:

  • WW1, impact and consequences and veterans
  • Developing narratives and creative ideas
  • Poetry, figurative writing & language
    and presentation skills
  • Critical thinking, social justice, diversity and community cohesion

‘It has made me much more confident and there is so much more to life than just messing about’ – student at Egglescliffe secondary school


We would like to say a big thank you to our facilitators throughout this programme.

Karen Spicer
Robin Paley Yorke
Nikki Charlesworth
Josh King
Nerys Pearce

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