Signs of a Diva

By Nona Shepphard
Directed by Jenny Sealey, Starring Caroline Parker
  • EILE Magazine "‘Without a doubt, this play is one beautiful piece of British theatre that should not be missed.’ "
  • British Theatre Guide "‘…easily the best camp deaf Northern cabaret ever” Time Out, Critics Choice “A remarkable piece of theatre from disabled-led company Graeae’ "
  • Reviews Gate "‘Parker is a magnificent communicator with the gift of immediate rapport with her audience, and an exquisite sense of timing’"

No one remembers mousey old Sue, the undertaker from Bingley Bridge, until she is offered a cabaret spot at Harry’s Place. Overnight, Tammy Frascati is born – Sue finds herself hurtling to stardom and Vegas, signing the songs of her favourite Divas.

But, as success beckons, a handsome stranger pierces Sue’s heart. What does she do? Can she have both?

Caroline Parker gives a virtuoso performance as Sue and her alter ego Tammy as she takes us on a journey of fame, frocks and false eyelashes battling with true love from Bingley Bridge.

Spring 2014
Thursday 22 May
Bollington Festival
Tickets: £12

Saturday 24 May 8pm
Derby Theatre

All performances include BSL signed songs, captioned text and audio description.

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  • Signs of a Diva 2014
  • Signs of a Diva 2014
  • Signs of a Diva 2014
  • Signs of a Diva 2014
  • Signs of a Diva 2014

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    Caroline Parker