Sending us your work

There are many ways of engaging with us as a writer.

If you’re a beginner writer, you might want to check out our Play chats. If you have a piece of work in development that you think would benefit from being explored in a rehearsal room setting, you may wish to apply to a Play Lab. Or you may want to apply for our flagship new writing programme, Write to Play. If the above initiatives don’t feel right for you, we also accept unsolicited script submissions in dedicated script windows.

Unsolicited scripts

Currently our window for sending unsolicited scripts is closed. Please keep checking our website for this years dates.

Before sending us your work, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our work and history, by seeing one of our shows if you can, and by watching our showreel.

We accept work sent in script form (either as a word document or a pdf) or, if you work in BSL, you may wish to send us a link to your work being signed.

What we’re looking for

Graeae’s new work is wide ranging in subject matter and form. However, what unites all our new work productions is bold, theatrically innovative and inclusive storytelling that celebrates diversity and offers fresh perspectives on human rights and the human experience.

Plays that excite us:

  • demonstrate confident and inclusive storytelling
  • are theatrically bold and innovative
  • celebrate diversity and offer fresh perspectives on human rights and the human experience
  • shine new light on the world we live in in unique, urgent and exciting ways
  • are generous, far-reaching and high impact
  • while Graeae has a strong history of placing disability and access centre stage, we welcome plays about anything and everything, not just narratives with a disability focus

We are only able to accept scripts written artists who identify as D/deaf and/or disabled, or who have experienced barriers to participation due to access needs not being met. For more information, or to send us your work during the script submission round, email

Do’s and Don’ts for Submission

We understand plays come in all shapes and sizes but we do advise to avoid sending the very first draft of your play or rushing to finish your play to meet a script window deadline.

Plays we do accept should: 

  • Be written by you as the sole author or co-author of the script, and you identify as D/deaf and/or disabled
  • Have the title of the play and your name stated clearly stated on the very first page
  • Have clear page numbers
  • Be typo-free (as much as it can be)
  • Be formatted clearly, in terms of character names, stage directions and dialogue etc.
  • Be sent to us as pdf or word doc
  • Be sent to us as a link of your work being signed, if you work in BSL

We don’t accept: 

  • Short plays
  • Screenplays
  • Prose or poems
  • Outlines or summaries of ideas for new plays
  • Proposals for adaptations
  • New musicals (which we would not develop outside of a commission)
  • Multiple submissions
  • Work not written in English or BSL
  • Plays which have already received a production
  • Work from non-UK based artists

What happens to your play after submission: 

When we have received your play in the submission window, we will send an email acknowledgement to confirm receipt.

We give ourselves a three to five month window in which to read your play and send you feedback. This time frame varies because it depends on how many scripts we receive and the time it takes to give feedback.

All plays we read will receive feedback.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we will not be able to accept new drafts of previously submitted plays.

If you have any other questions about the process please do email and we will do our best to answer them.