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As part of Reasons To Be Cheerful 2017, Graeae called upon singers and songwriters from across the globe to raise their voices for freedom and compose, record and submit Protest Songs that spoke to the struggles of the 21st century. After an overwhelming response, we committed to continuing that fight.

The Protest Song Hub is a platform for revolutionary social change, which allows you to view previously songs and submit your own.

Check out our Songwriting Guide to learn how to write a Protest Song and find out about what kinds of videos we accept. Find out how to mobilise, write, produce, and record a completely accessible Protest Song. (Please note: We are only accepting fully accessible videos with captions or lyrics on-screen at this time.)

Join us:

1.     Read our Submission Guidelines

2.     Submit your fully accessible Protest Song video to our team. 

We are encouraging Schools/Colleges to get in touch to learn more about working with us.

Composers of the World, Unite!