Play Chats

Graeae’s Introduction to Playwriting workshops offer early career writers an insight into the nuts and bolts of writing for live performance, inspiring new writers to start writing.

Play Chats are half-day playwriting workshops aimed at beginner and early career D/deaf and disabled writers who are considering a career in writing for theatre or live performance. The workshop looks at the basics of play making, from finding an idea to building a story and developing characters.

Play Chat workshops are currently assembled by introduction only. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact for more information.

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    Play Labs

    Play Labs offer a safe and accessible space, and creative support for Deaf and disabled artists wishing to experiment in new forms and explore raw ideas and fresh stories for live performance.
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    About Write to Play

    Write to Play runs annually in partnership with leading producing venues across the UK to develop the next generation of Deaf and disabled writers.