Graeae’s Ensemble 2018 presents Hurricane Protest Songs

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“We believe that words carry immense power, that the stories we tell can be a force for change. They are the tools we use to shape the world around us, they let us be the change we want to see.”

Join Graeae’s Ensemble of young theatre makers in Hurricane Protest Songs, a breakthrough new production interweaving spoken word poetry, movement, music and storytelling. Incorporating creative use of British Sign Language, captioning and audio description, it asks: What is our future? How can we change the world? Are we really in control of our own destiny?

Graeae’s Ensemble programme supports young actors, writers and directors in training with a range of leading drama school tutors and freelance artists. Working together since January, Ensemble 2018 is a close knit group of eight artists from a variety of backgrounds and across the country.





Also supported by The Chapman Charitable Trust, The Charterhouse Charity, Louise Ronan and family, Matt and Dawn Bray and all at Paragon Management, Gavin Pilcher and Rachel Rowley and all at Encore Environments.

Artwork by Louis Kissaun.

  • Devisor, Writer / Jelly
    Terri Donovan
  • Devisor, Writer / The Lost Boy
    Ashton Hicks
  • Devisor, Writer / Lucy
    Awa Jagne
  • Devisor, Writer / Star
    Ewa Lamond
  • Devisor, Assistant Director / Woman on train
    Hana Pascal Keegan
  • Devisor, Writer / Arran
    Louis Kissaun
  • Devisor, Writer / Flora
    Elspeth Reid
  • Devisor, Writer / Adam
    Joshua Ward
  • Creative Learning Director — Jodi-Alissa Bickerton
  • Training & Learning Coordinator — Mette Tofte Philipsen
  • Director — Nathan Crossan-Smith
  • Dramaturg — Chloe Todd Fordham
  • Composer/Musician — Oliver Vibrans
  • Designer — Cindy Lin
  • Design Assistant — Kelli-Mae Crossman
  • Illustrator — Olivia Mathurin-Essandoh
  • Stage Manager — Janet-Mary Provan
  • Projections & Captioning — Typeone Visajana
  • Access Manager — Lizzy Leggat
  • Audio Description Consultant — Leah Caplan
  • BSL Consultant — Daryl Jackson
  • Performance Interpreter (The Lost Girl) — Caroline Richardson
  • R&D Director — Mojisola Adebayo
  • Voice Coach — Christopher Holt
  • Movement Director — Vanio Papadelli
  • Mentors — Miles Mitchell, Becky Allen, Fiona McCulloch, Roxanna Silbert, Jennie Buckman, Nickie Wildin, Paul Hunter
  • Sign Language Interpreters — Beverly Wilson, Steve Hudson, Vikki Gee-Dare, Jo Ross, Ali Pottinger, Laura Goulden, Wendy Kelly
  • Access Support Workers — Maristella Farina, Gurpeet Singh, Jenni Halton, Rachel Cole-Wilkin, Frank Wurzinger, Chiara D'Anna, Karen Spicer
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