Graeae’s Crips with Chips x Theatre by the Lake: Mistaken Identity

Graeae’s Crips with Chips is an evening of short plays putting Deaf and disabled writers centre-stage. 

The next Crips with Chips will take place on Saturday 18 March at Theatre by the lake in Cumbria.

If you identify as Deaf, disabled and/or neurodiverse Graeae and Theatre by the Lake would like to invite you to submit a 10-20 minute play responding to the theme of ‘mistaken identity’. We encourage you to be as inventive in your response as you like.

Screen Reader/Large Print version of the application process.


  • Writers must identify as Deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent
  • Writers must be based in the UK or Ireland — no other location-based restrictions apply
  • Plays must be no more than 20 minutes in length — 15 pages is a good but inexact guide for this
  • Plays must require no more than 3 voices/characters
  • Plays must not have been performed elsewhere
  • This opportunity is open both to writers we know and writers we’ve yet to meet


Selected writers will receive £500 on the understanding that writers be prepared to redraft their scripts in response to feedback from Graeae and Theatre by the Lake, and attend rehearsals (dates TBD) at Theatre by the Lake in Cumbria as well as the showcase of work on Saturday, 18th March.

In addition to the £500 fee, we will be covering all costs relating to travel, accommodation and access. We will be requesting writers’ access requirements once scripts have been selected.

Long-term followers of our writing opportunities will notice that the fee is a significant increase in what we have offered in previous years. This is in recognition of the cost of living crisis and reflects Crips with Chips’ evolution since it started in 2020. Over that time, what started as a scratch night has evolved into a showcase celebrating the diversity of stories within our community.

Throughout 2023, we will be offering opportunities for writers to try out new or rougher material in safe settings, as well as opportunities for beginner writers.

How to apply?

Submit your draft by email to or by post to Josh Elliott, Graeae Theatre Company, Bradbury Studios, 138 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DY

Deadline: Midnight on Monday 6 February 2023


Some FAQ’S

Is there an application form?

No. Just email or post a first draft of your play to

Is there an age limit?

No, but bear in mind that this opportunity is aimed at writers with some experience.

Does my play have to be about disability?

Absolutely not! We don’t believe disabled writers should only write about disability. However, please take into consideration that actors with a diverse range of access needs will be cast in the chosen plays. Writers should enter into this process prepared to make any changes to meet those needs once the actors are cast.

Can I send an extract from a longer play?

No. This is a celebration of the short play as a form unto itself. Your play’s story should be contained to 10-20 minutes.

Can I send an adaption?

Not if it’s an adaptation of a work still protected by copyright. We love adaptations, but we do not have the resources to obtain permission to use copyright materials.

Can I send more than one play?

On this occasion we are only accepted one submitted play. However, we are always ready to read scripts of any length written by Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent writers. Scripts that aren’t intended to be considered for advertised opportunities like this will be guaranteed only one page of written feedback. Just send your play to and make it clear it’s not to be considered for Crips with Chips at Theatre by the Lake.

This is a quick deadline?

We appreciate that this a very tight turnaround. We are working hard to ensure that future opportunities have a much longer lead-in time, and in the meantime encourage writers who aren’t able to make this turnaround to send a play to It is worth remembering that we are seeking *first drafts* at this stage. We expect them to be messy and the £500 fee anticipates further writing once the plays are submitted, cast and go into rehearsal.


If you have any further questions please email