Meet the Ensemble 2018 artists!


Terri Donovan

My name’s Terri Donovan. I’m an actor, writer and general cat lover from Manchester. I first found out about Graeae when the director of The Solid Life of Sugar Water came and spoke at my local theatre. I loved the talk and then saw the show (holy-fizzballs). I have wanted to work with Graeae ever since! Over the next four months, I am so excited to see the work that we will create together as a company blossom and meeting a load of creative minds to swallow up all their knowledge.


Ewa Lamond

Hello, I’m Ewa and I aspire to be an actor and would like to work more in the access world. I want to be part of Ensemble so I can work with amazing people and to get more special training. Also a big passion of mine is to change the theatre and TV world so more disabled people can shine. I can’t wait to work with everyone and to create an incredible piece of theatre!


Hana Pascal Keegan

Since growing up in the British Virgin Islands, I have lived in a handful of countries to pursue inter-cultural education, social entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary study and theatre. In the wake of graduating from college in Maine and then Hurricane Irma, I moved back to the UK in September. I am thrilled to be a part of Ensemble as it is an incredible opportunity to get to know Graeae and expose myself to new perspectives on making theatre. Over the next few months, I hope to discover new approaches, collaborate with fellow Ensemble members and make compelling work!


Elspeth Reid

My name is Elspeth and I am a member of Graeae’s Ensemble. In July last year, I completed my foundation in professional acting at The Young Actors Theatre Islington and I have recently become a member of the National Youth Theatre. I hope to work professionally in the acting industry and I believe Graeae to be the perfect place for me to learn to do this. So far, I have really enjoyed studying Voice and Movement and I am really looking forward to our lessons on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. After Ensemble I’d like to volunteer with a theatre company working with refugee children.


Ashton James Hicks

I’m Ashton, 27 years old and I’m from Southampton. I’m participating in the Ensemble programme because I would like to develop myself as an artist. I’m really interested in acting and I would like to become a professional actor. The sky is the limit! I’m really looking forward to learning new skills and testing my abilities in a way that is adapted for me. I would like to push myself to the best of my abilities.


Joshua Ward

Hello, my name is Josh Ward and I’m 23 years old and I live in Bournemouth. From a very young age it has been my ambition to become an actor. I am a very creative person who wants to represent and showcase the talent of neurodivergent artists within the performing arts sector. I was really keen and interested in being a part of Ensemble because it looked like a very unique opportunity from a very well respected theatre company. I’m looking forward to unlocking my creativity more and learning lots of new skills. I really love how open and honest the tutors are with us and they deliver the training in such a gentle and nurturing way that it really helps me to reach my full potential.


Awa Jagne

My name is Awa and I really want to be a director. Since I started at Graeae, I have really enjoyed every session and I hope to make lots of shows one day. I want to make shows about how disabled people are not treated as fairly in the performing arts world and I really want to change that with the help of Graeae, and I believe one day we will make a show about disabled people. I like devising and making scenes up from my imagination. The best thing I’ve learned in Ensemble is that devising can be made out of anything.


Louis Richardson Kissaun

My name is Louis, I live in London and have studied art at Wimbledon college. I come from a family of actors and have grown up participating in my mums drama lessons everyday, Friday after school and did some youth drama as a teenager but I became more interested in  fine art. I first heard of Graeae through a friend and found out about the course. I was beginning to learn more about disability arts and Ensemble was a great opportunity to educate myself from the best. Hard work so far but the Ensemble is getting stronger.

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