Making the bed again

By Arthur Hughes | The Solid Life of Sugar Water, January, 19 2016

Four months have passed, and the bed is made once more. The Solid Life of Sugar Water, she lives, she breathes again!

We have spent this week, getting back into (onto) bed, in London at the National Theatre Studio. Since the play ran at Edinburgh last August at the Fringe Festival, there has been no activity from the cast or crew, however following our reception from Edinburgh, we are now heading on a national tour of the UK, finishing with a run at the Temporary Space at the National Theatre!

The week spent in London has been revisiting the lines, the ideas we had been working on in Edinburgh, and going further. We were keen to make sure we weren’t replicating what we had in Edinburgh, but indeed taking it FURTHER, finding new ways of telling the story of Phil and Alice. The strange thing was returning to the play, finding we still knew it so well, but keeping the freshness and fun every time we did it; essential before going on tour.

We were lucky to have a film crew with us for half the week, filming us in the rehearsal process, and a few interviews to gain an insight into how the show is put together. A great commemoration for the play, Graeae’s first show at the National Theatre in its 35-year history.

It has been great to be back with the team, getting back onto the vertical bed and moulding ourselves back into the Sugar Water machine.

Next stop: Plymouth!