Hear Me Now: volume 2


Graeae are delighted to be one of the partners on Tamasha Theatre Company’s next volume of Hear Me Now, audition monologues for Actors of Colour.

With a focus on actors and writers who are either ethnically diverse and/or Deaf or disabled, the new volume will feature over 100 brand new monologues.

Conceived in 2016 by Tamasha and writer-producer Titilola Dawudu, the first book of short monologues was a first of its kind, bringing together playwrights and actors in creative workshops to generate better audition material for ethnically diverse actors than the largely stereotypical characters generally found in published play texts. Hear Me Now, audition monologues for Actors of Colour was published in October 2018 and by December of the same year, was Oberon’s biggest selling book.

The new volume will see the coming together of ten theatres and regions from across England, as well as 100 actors, 50 writers, five dramaturgs, 10 facilitators, signers, access workers, audio engineers and directors. The theatres, theatre companies and regions involved are:

  • Belgrade Theatre
  • Beyond Face
  • (City of) Birmingham
  • Contact (Manchester)
  • Graeae
  • Home
  • In Good Company*
  • Leeds Playhouse
  • Mercury Theatre
  • Unity Theatre**

*with Derby Theatre
**with support from 20 Stories High

The second volume will be published in early 2022, after a year-long engagement with actors and writers.

The artists commissioned by Graeae, are as follows:

Writers: Leanna Benjamin, Khush Chahal, Kathryn GoldingLettie Precious & Bea Webster

Performers: Tracey AndersonSiobhan Athwel, Linda Burrel Ried, Paislie RiedRaffie JulienMatt Lim, Aarian Mehrabani, Fatima NiemoghaRacheal Tse & Aaron Virdee.

Facilitator: Kash Arshad

Hear Me Now, audition monologues for Actors of Colour has been 100% funded and supported by Arts Council England.