Graeae statement on Access to Work cap increase


“Grant to support disabled people in the workplace increases” (Press release)

What this press release does not say is that prior to 2016, there was no limit on the amount of support D/deaf and disabled people could receive from ATW.  Support was determined in respect to need.  People have had their awards cut under this government and to sell this as an increase is disingenuous. We are against a cap under any circumstances. Limiting the amount available discriminates against people with high support needs and/or in senior positions.

The real impact of the cap is that Graeae’s CEO and Artistic Director, Jenny Sealey MBE, has effectively been left without support from December 2018, and cannot apply for more until April 2019. The cap is discriminatory to individuals, damaging to careers and, in the long run, probably costs the government more money than it saves. Access To Work brings money into the Treasury, it is not a benefit and it doesn’t have a ‘budget’– it was set up to be need-led. This arbitrary, blanket decision from the department makes it harder for people to do their jobs, not easier.

14 February 2019.