Graeae awarded Arts Council England funds to help transform leadership


Graeae is delighted to announce that over the next two years we will embark on a new leadership programme to break down barriers faced by Deaf and disabled artists nationwide.

This programme will include accredited training, professional development, digital resources and a national strategy for connecting artists with venues.

We have been through a period of reflection and consultation and have spoken to early and mid-career artists, partner organisations and our audiences about what the future should look like. We asked what has changed since Graeae was founded forty years ago and how can the arts continue to thrive and improve for Deaf and disabled artists in future.

Graeae is thrilled to announce that investment from Arts Council England’s Transforming Leadership Fund will be the first step to ensure these voices and ambitions are taken forward.

2020 will mark a new chapter in Graeae’s journey: we will be supporting artists to develop their own new work; we will connect artists with venues, space and industry professionals in their region to foster new generations of Deaf and disabled leaders.

This investment from Arts Council England will be the catalyst to us working with artists nationally in a way that can promote a thriving disability arts sector with many organisations large and small.

We’re now getting ready to launch in 2020 when full details will be available for all who wish to take this journey with us!

“We cannot wait to launch this dynamic new era for Graeae in what will be our 40thanniversary. With drive and passion from all our partners in the artistic community, we are fuelled to making every aspect of this programme flourish and speed up change.  This funding is a game-changer to support more Deaf and disabled artists at all stages of their career. We are so thrilled about what this will lead to, for existing and new generations of voices” Jodi-Alissa Bickerton, Creative Learning Director, Graeae

For the full announcement and Arts Council press release click here.