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    Anita MacCallum’s blog | Write to Play year 6

    Time in the dark Since we last met up, each writer has been given a mentor and told to write a monologue. This is basically what’s been going on inside my head: ‘I don’t have a voice. I don’t have a voice. I don’t have a voice. I have nothing to say. I have nothing […]

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    Sally Davis’ blog | Write to Play year 6

    Playwriting 101 Last week we talked about story. If a story is about how the things that happen affect someone in pursuit of a difficult goal, and how that person changes internally as a result…then here we are, five writers setting out into the woods, about to confront the forces of antagonism that dictate who […]

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    Shahid Iqbal Khan’s blog | Write to Play year 5

    “Theatre is the consciousness of society.” – Winsome Pinnock This quote came up in a masterclass, as part of the Graeae Write To Play program, earlier this year. It was an exhausting week of writing workshops but there were some enlightening moments. The week was led by playwright Emteaz Hussain and dramaturg Ola Animashawun. I […]

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    Kathryn Chin’s blog | Write to Play year 5

      *This blog includes strong language* For me, a great play leaves me asking questions. So, we left high off the success of the monologues at Soho Theatre and, after a cup of tea and a jammie dodger, I had time to reflect on how what we’d done. The five of us had each written […]

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    Lettie Precious’ blog | Write to Play year 5

    A workshop in Soho It was snowy that afternoon. I remember it quite distinctly because my Primark bought leather man shoes had had me slipping and sliding through the streets of Central London. I simply couldn’t miss the workshop with Inua Ellams, the writer of ‘Barber Shop Chronicles’. Before I went in, I made my […]

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    Introducing our year five Write to Play writers!

      For the first time since Write to Play launched, year 5 will specifically focus on nurturing D/deaf and disabled writers within the BAME community. Graeae will be working alongside Bush Theatre, Soho Theatre, Ovalhouse, Talawa and Tamasha. Get to know our writers as we ask them a few questions about the year ahead and what their […]

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    Karran Collings’ blog | Write to Play year 4

    ­ The curtain finally falls on Write to Play year 4 So this is it. The curtain finally falls on Write to Play year 4. The sharing at the beginning of December at the Curve in Leicester was simply fantastic. It really did feel like a fitting finale to a demanding yet rewarding year. The […]

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    Khush Chahal’s blog | Write to Play year 4

    Final Sharings For the last time we gathered at Leicester Curve to have our final readings. For a whole day, we had actors, a director and our ever-supportive mentor to read through the play and then prepare an excerpt that would be presented to the audience a couple of days later. I felt nervous about […]

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    Jessica Lovett’s blog | Write to Play year 4

    Time to represent For my final blog post I wanted to discuss representation, more specifically the representation of d/Deaf and disabled characters in British theatre and television. I’m currently part of a television writers group and last week we were looking at Children’s Television. There’s some great stuff out there for kids, a real range […]

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    Hannah Torrance’s blog | Write to Play year 4

    Taming Time I’ve been struggling to think what the topic of my last blog post might be, partly because we’ve not had any direct contact with the Graeae team since I last posted, but also because I’ve barely had the time to think, let alone write anything. So that in itself seemed like a suitable […]

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    Michael Southan’s blog | Write to Play year 4

    “Going With Your Instinct” So, the time has come for me to pen my last Graeae blog before I hand over to the next Write To Play-er. I think this is supposed to be the one where I provide that nugget of advice that rings through your ears as you too embark on your writing […]

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    Naomi Westerman’s blog | Write to Play year 4

    Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Playwrights 22 February 2017 This is my final Write to Play blog entry, so I thought I’d give some advice of my own. 1. Go to as many plays as you can from as wide a range as you can (West End to pub fringe, Aristophanes to Aladdin). […]