Blasted: Content warnings

Jenny Sealey‘s 2019 production of Blasted at RADA will not be presented as naturalistic.

However, the play is upsetting and challenging, and the following content warnings apply and our age recommendation is 16+:

  •           Multiple references / depictions of sexual assault / rape / child abuse
  •           Coercion
  •           Racist language
  •           Homophobic language
  •           Misogynistic language
  •           Strong violence
  •           Deceased infant
  •           Smoking and alcohol use
  •           War
  •           Descriptions of torture
  •           References to murder
  •           References to genocide
  •           Bombs
  •           Suicide
  •           Cannibalism
  •           Full frontal nudity

All performances will use creative integration of British Sign Language and audio description. Captions will be available on ipads.