The Rhymes: Like and share a #ProtestSong below and join the revolution!

A social change platform for original Protest Songs, created by people across the UK. In association with the Reasons to be Cheerful 2017 UK Tour.

All videos are captioned. Check back for regular updates. Oi Oi!

‘What matters is that the ‘song’ is yours and it expresses how you feel about something that matters to you. If it matters to you, chances are it will matter to others too.’

– John Kelly (Reasons to be Cheerful cast member)


Battle of Whitehall by Rockin Paddy, London

Which Side Are You On by Rockin Paddy, London

England, You Are A Sinking Ship by Kris Halpin, West Midlands

Without Us by Sonic Vistas, Hertfordshire

You Can’t Kill The Spirit by Paddy Ladd and Signs of Freedom, Bristol